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What plastic is the Dafi bottle made of

dafi bottle

Dafi filter bottle was made from PET. Let’s note that the multiple use of products made of plastic that is intended for contact with food has been regulated by Commission Regulation (EC) No. 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and products intended for contact with food. Importantly, if a given material or product (including PET) was intended for repeated contact with food, then three times specialized tests performed on the same sample are carried out.

Dafi filter bottle was made of such PET, so we can be sure that it it meets all required standards. A filter which is in the bottle consists of activated carbon pressed under high pressure. It is completely natural. It is worth noting that it was obtained from the burning of coconut shells. So, it can be claimed that the filter is 100% safe for a human. Importantly, the same kind of carbon is also used as a medicine while problems with digestive system.

Always fresh water

Let’s note that water which is in a filter bottle will be always fresh because we have a control how long water will stay in the bottle and what will be the conditions of its storage. Let’s remember that the best solution is to use the water within 12 hours from the moment of filling the bottle- then we are sure that it will be tasty. If we know that during that time we will not be able to drink the whole bottle- it should be filled to half. It gives the opportunity to reduce unnecessary water loss.

The Dafi company

The Dafi company was the first and the only polish brand which produces filters for water and vacuum containers. Dafi has been operating on market for more than 30 years. During those years the company has developed numerous proprietary and patented production solutions. Importantly – all production takes place in Poland. The Dafi company uses for its products high quaity raw materials which were produced in Germany and in the USA. It is also important that all departments that are responsible for implementing the company’s products are concentrated in one factory.