Dafi carbon filter bottle – is it worth buying
Sierpień 14, 2019
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What is the modern Dafi thermal bottle made of?

What is the modern Dafi thermal bottle made of

Let’s note that a modern thermal bottle of Dafi company was made in an extremely precise way. The care was taken of different kinds of details and high quality materials were used. It was made in order to the bottle will be solid and useful in various situations. It is worth adding that the bottle keeps temperature of warm and cold beverages. Its tight cap is equipped with a handle to make the bottle even more convenient. What is more, the thermal Dafi bottle is available in the original colors, so certainly everyone will find something for themselves.

Why is it worth to choose Dafi thermal bottle

Dafi bottles are colorful and they are made of safe and certified acid-resistant steel. This material makes this bottle extremely durable, and also does not retain or transmit odors. Interestingly, the bottle has an ergonomic shape and a comfortable handle. An interesting thing is also the non-slip attitude. From this bottle it is very easy to pour different kinds of beverages. Dafi thermal bottles are perfect for water, tea and other drinks. They keeps both warm and cold. They will be perfect in winter and summer. The Dafi bottle is durable and has a capacity of 490 ml. It is worth noticing that thermal bottles is a product for years. Ideally suited to both children and adults. Because of its shape and a handle the bottle will be perfect for every situation and every conditions. As it is known, it is always worth to have something to drink- so that bottle will be a perfect sollution.

Care for the environment

Dafi thermal bottle was made of materials free from harmful Bisphenol A. Thanks to the use of high-quality acid-resistant steel, the bottle does not retain and does not transmit odors, so it can be used for a long time. This bottle is extremely durable and resistant to damage. Its easy cleaning allows to keep a proper hygiene. A described bottle can be both the first or another step in order to protect the environment. This bottle helps to reduce disposable waste.