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Thermal water bottle

dafi thermal bottle

If you do not want to contribute to littering our planet, or you are looking for a functional item thanks to which you will be able to reduce the use of plastic to the minimum then for sure you have to consider the purchase of the thermal water bottle. If you value simple and effective solutions, and at the same time you want to save space in the kitchen, a thermal water bottle will be the perfect solution. It has to be add that the thermal bottle will serve you as a thermos or a container for water. It is possible thanks to the additional vacuum wall that provides proper insulation.

Protect the Earth

If you really take care about the environment protection and minimizing toxic waste, this bottle will be perfect. What is more, usually the capacity of kitchen cabinets, backpacks or bags is limited. The best if you take the second breakfast in the box, coffee in a thermal mug and water in reusable bottle. It is worth to understand that nowadays less means more. So, if you are one of those who adore hot coffee or refreshing water, a thermal water bottle will be perfect for you. For example, if you have a meeting with your client or you are waiting for a workout in the gym – a thermal bottle will certainly work in all conditions. You can take it everywhere you want. It is enough to pour water, tea, coffe or juices into it- pour what you like best. Importantly, the interior of such a bottle with regular washing will certainly not soak up with the taste and smell of liquids that were stored in it.

The reusable thermal bottle makes life easier

The thermal bottle will be perfect in order to keep warm or cold beverages. It is available in many kinds and colors- so, you will find something for yourself for sure. Thanks to different capacities of thermal bottles, you will suit a bottle to your needs. Inportantly, a bottle keeps temperature for 24 hours if it comes to cold drinks, and 12 hours in the case of warm drinks. The thermal bottles are made of high-grade stainless steel. They also have a screw cap, which ensures maximum tightness of the bottle.