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What plastic is the Dafi bottle made of
Sierpień 4, 2019
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Thermal bottles for children

dafi thermal water for childer

Despite the fact it is winter or summer our child has to drink. Even in winter, during freezing temperatures, we sometimes go out for a walk or do something. Sometimes we take our child from school or a kindergarten and a child a few meters away tells us that he wants to drink. Let’s note that nowadays plastic bottles are not so popular but bottles with a carbon filter may quite fast cool liquids because they are not thermal. As parents, we should therefore have solutions that work in all conditions.

Warm drinks even in winter

Both in winter and summer, our child should drink a lot- around two liters per day. It is crucial for a child’s metabolism, it is also connected with blocking the development of infection and dry skin. As it is known, in winter, in heated rooms, the air humidity usually drops to 20-30%, and then a dry cough appears. It is logic that warm drinks, especially in winter allow to warm up during walks or physical activity – such as sledding or making a snowman – then the child sweats and needs a drink. In order to the child’s organism properly absorbs fluids it is not enough for a child to drink a lot of fluids at once. A child should sip a little bit throughout the day. If it comes to older children, disposable bottles should not be used. It is worth following the rule that the best solution for the future is not to segregate garbage but to limit the use of plastic.

Thermal bottles

They are usually colorful and made of stainless steel. Despite of these, they are equipped with double wall vacuum and do not contain Bisphenol, and therefore colloquial BPA. Thermal bottles are perfect for water, tea and other drinks. They keep both warm and cold. They will work in order to warm the child in the winter, as and when we need something to keep the cold in summer. Thermal bottles allow to keep hot for 12 hours and warm for 24 hours. Because it is a bottle, not a mug it keeps the temperature much better. Many producers produce such bottles. They are available in many colors.