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Thermal water bottle
Sierpień 10, 2019
What is the modern Dafi thermal bottle made of
What is the modern Dafi thermal bottle made of?
Sierpień 14, 2019
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Dafi carbon filter bottle – is it worth buying

The Dafi filter bottle has become extremely popular last time. It is really useful tool. We can take it wherever we want. As it is known, it is worth to always have something to drink with ourselves- this bottle is perfect for that. It is really handy- so, it can be kept in a bag. The bottle was equipped with exchangable carbon filter which consists of active carbon that is made from coconut sheel. It allows to get rid of pollution from water, unpleasant taste or smell of chlorine. Dafi company announced that this bottle does not contain Bisphenol A which is a harmful chemical compound that is often used during production of plastics.

The bottle

The Dafi bottle is extremelyhandy. Important fact is that it is reusable. What is more, we can adjust the capacity to our needs because it is available in 3 different sizes. The smallest one- 0,3 liter is designed for the youngest. The next capacity-0,5 liter we can take it to our work or a walk because of its small size. The biggest from available capacities- 0,7 liter is perfect for a gym or during the trip. As you can see, everyone can find a perfect bottle which will be appropriate for the needs. Additionally, we can choose the color of the bottle because it is available in many colors.

Is it worth to buy it?

This question is always asked by many people. The answer is thus very simple- it’s worth it! First, the Dafi bottle is safe for health ( it is confirmed by surveys and certificates gained by the Dafi company). What is more, it lies well in the hand, for example during running. Moreover, it tastes different than tap water. As it has been already mentioned, the bottle is available in several sizes and it can be filled in many places. It has got a unique look. The Dafi bottle is a great solution for people who spend much time outside the home. There is a very important fact- using this bottle we protect the environment. It is thus wort to consider buying this bottle because it is going to be necessary in different conditions.