Sierpień 14, 2019
What is the modern Dafi thermal bottle made of

What is the modern Dafi thermal bottle made of?

Let’s note that a modern thermal bottle of Dafi company was made in an extremely precise way. The care was taken of different kinds of details […]
Sierpień 14, 2019

Dafi carbon filter bottle – is it worth buying

The Dafi filter bottle has become extremely popular last time. It is really useful tool. We can take it wherever we want. As it is known, […]
Sierpień 10, 2019
dafi thermal bottle

Thermal water bottle

If you do not want to contribute to littering our planet, or you are looking for a functional item thanks to which you will be able […]
Sierpień 4, 2019
dafi bottle

What plastic is the Dafi bottle made of

Dafi filter bottle was made from PET. Let’s note that the multiple use of products made of plastic that is intended for contact with food has […]
Sierpień 2, 2019
dafi thermal water for childer

Thermal bottles for children

Despite the fact it is winter or summer our child has to drink. Even in winter, during freezing temperatures, we sometimes go out for a walk […]